Pre-concert talks

Pre-concert talks are increasingly being offered. Ninety to sixty minutes before the concert the introduction occurs, often in a different room not the place where the concert will take place, mostly done by an expert (usually musicologist or intermediaries, in case of operas or operettas also the stage director or dramaturge). The introduction informs about the following concert. On the one hand, it could be the content and context of an Opera or Operetta, but also regarding to the form of a Symphony, the peculiarity of a Solo Concert or the topic in the framework of a concert. Sometimes special characters such as conductors, soloists, singers, directors and playwrights are present and agree to participate in a consultation. Often these persons do not participate, since the concentration before a performance must be bundled and then often tension grows very intensively. All in all is through a pre-concert talk the access to the music of the following concert or the Opera or Operetta is facilitated for many listeners and the knowledge around the oeuvre is extended. 

In the best case already the music coming to the performance can be heard (live) or at least excerpts of it. The introduction is more than a dusty sprinkling can be but requires and promotes an active listening of the audience. Despite everything background information and the context of the composition, historical links or details about the form of the oeuvre should be discussed. Increasingly, also the "slightly different pre-concert talk" are offered, which provide creative methods for the introduction to the music. 

Zauberflöte/Magic flute, AsLico (IT)

Pequenas Huellas, Macerata (IT)