People in nursing homes and homes for elderly

Making music and dealing with music can make fun and joy at any age. Many people are discovering a relaxation factor in music listening, but also shared music-making with like-minded people and entertainments have a high significance. For people in homes for elderly or nursing homes, the (joint) music making can occupy an important place in their lives. Therefore a precise planning is important. Day and time should be fixed exactly so the participants can adjust themselves to this crescendo during the week.
Although many people do not like to sing, old people love to do, while the melody and the vocal range play an important role. Especially folk songs and hymns are a popular repertoire, because it reminds older people on their own childhood and youth. A further positive effect in this context is that the learning of texts fosters the memory and concentration. Residents of homes for elderly or old nursing homes can accompany the songs themselves through ORFF instruments such as rattles, drums, etc..
Additional possibilities to integrate music into everyday life are: to paint, to look at images or reading of texts while listening to music, guided fantasies, conducting or to describe music in words and texts.