For many years numerous museums are devoted to various composers and their time, as also to music in general or musical instruments. In many places the birthplaces or residences of composers have been converted to museums, so for example the Mozarthaus Vienna, the Anton Bruckner Museum in Ansfelden, Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg, the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn or the Haydn House in Eisenstadt. In addition to these houses, which are dedicated to the composer almost exclusively, there are special museums for musical instruments, as for example in Leipzig, Vienna, Basel, Berlin, Brussels, u.v.m. The “Haus der Musik” in Vienna represents a very different kind of museum. The museum itself is called interactive sound museum and is therefore one of the few museums dedicated to music itself, from the building of the hearing or the development of sound to sound production.

Haus der Musik Wien/Vienna (AT)

Mozarts Geburtshaus Salzburg (AT)

Mozarthaus Vienna Wien/Vienna (AT)