Paraphrase classical music

The concept of the "classical music lounge" transfers classical music from the traditional concert hall to the hip and trendy club. This concept wants to outline that classical music has its impact also in other surrounding often freely according to the motto: "(young) people don't come to classical music, therefore classical music comes to (young) people” to pick them up where they are.

At first glance, the situation may seem somehow particular. Just imagine a quite mixed audience (young people in jeans and others in the suits, who want to hear a little classic after a tiring day of work) people sitting on beer crates holding a beer in their hands, on amplifiers or standing at the bar. Between brick walls, steel, concrete and glass assimilates the warm wood of the stringed instruments, often a piano stands between PA systems and amplifiers of the DJs, their working environment. Instead of often oppressive silence in the concert hall murmur may prevail in the classic lounge, encores can be demanded by whistling, shouting and wild splash.

The classic lounge is well known especially in German-speaking countries as the so called "Yellow Lounge". This is an idea and invention of the Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Classics. The first yellow lounge took place on February 1, 2001 in Hamburg in the bar "The world is beautiful“. In the meantime, yellow lounges in Berlin and since 2004 also in Frankfurt and Dresden are hosted regularly. Yellow because it is so called in allusion to the yellow logo of the tradition label Deutsche Grammophon, owned by universal. 2011 a Yellow Lounge took place for the first time at the “Gußwerk” in Salzburg - so to speak as an "Offshoot" of the Berlin model. Even the yellow logo is identical to that of its German counterpart. Due to the great success, it was continued in 2012 and still exists. There are now quite a few Yellow lounges around the world, including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Seoul, u.v.m.

In the concept of the Classical or Yellow Lounge music itself does not have to be changed to be interesting also for young people. Rather, it comes that circumstances have changed the spatial conditions and it comes to a modification of the format of the performance. Also as regards marketing, the yellow lounge is found in the "new media" such as Web 2.0. The application runs on websites or platforms such as MySpace or Facebook. Meanwhile, some Yellow Lounges can be even streamed.

Yellow Lounge Salzburg