Moderated Concert

The moderated concert aims to accompany and guide the audience by comments announcements, surprises, descriptions, ideas, stories and much more through the concert. The moderator takes up the role of mediator between the actors and the listeners. He/she experience and hears the concert together with the audience, but in contrast to the audience he/she is all-knowing concerning the flow and content of the concert. The moderation provides not only content but characterizes the atmosphere of the concert and prepares for the listening The music is in the foreground (with a 60-minute concert, music should be at least 40 minutes). The moderation and the music programme planning should go hand in hand. Formulations should be in short sentences, verbs should be included in the set to the front and subordinate clause constructions should be avoided. The most important information should always be said in the conclusion, closed and leading questions should be avoided. A good moderation should be practiced and if possible freely spoken. 

Concerto under 13, Song Onlus (IT)

2x hören, Körberstiftung (DE)

Municussion, KunstBergwerk (DE)