El Sistema

Salzburg Festival 2013

Within the framework of the Salzburg Festival 2013, the visionary and exemplary project EL SISTEMA will be presented for the first time in a wider context and in all its diversity outside Venezuela's. On this occasion the Salzburg Festival in addition to the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra - which already has performed in Salzburg and is the flagship of the orchestral training program - has invited five more ensembles of El Sistema.

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The online platform implemented by the European Mozart Ways sees itself as a service and information page for all interested people in communicating music. Music education in the overall European context will strengthen the awareness of a common cultural heritage in Europe (classical and contemporary music). Users of the platform should be encouraged at local, regional, and long term at European level to play an active role, even to carry out projects, and to develop joint projects.
The platform co-financed by European Union / culture programme 2007-2013, has been established in the framework of the EU project of the European Mozart ways "family music" - a program to enhance classical musiceEducation along the European Mozart Ways and was supported further by the Land Salzburg as well as the City of Salzburg.

Communicating music is booming

The fact that music affects people in any case is now-a-days undisputed. Music can be attributed to a variety of emotional and psychological effects on people. Music supports body awareness and promotes vitality, music connects people and overcomes prejudices, but it also arouses emotions, and serves to reinforce, express and to channel them. In music therapy music is used specifically to enhance moods and to bring to express feelings, especially suppressed once. The effect of music is independent of age and gender. Making music together requires finely tuned listening to each other and trains the perception of the other. Active music making is also memory training. It is also assumed that music can prevent the degradation of nerve cells in the brain of elderly people.

Therefore it is not surprising that music education in recent years has become very important and many people are actively involved. The spectrum ranges from concert educators and moderators, the orchestra musicians themselves, divisions in the cultural administrations and concert halls, professors at universities and many more. One of the characteristics of quality in music education is the personality of the music promoter itself and so the people in the institutions are carrying this process.